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shark stanley in the news

Shark Stanley Launch in Grenada. CC6 Newsnet Grenada, 2015.

Leah Meth reacts to successful shark listings at Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in 2013. 

3-part podcast featuring Leah Meth. Sharkbait's Chumline, 2015. 

The Adventures of Shark Stanley and Friends: Official Book Release. Sage Magazine, Yale University, 2013. 

Ocean Species High on the CITES Agenda. SPREP, 2016. 

Sharks4Kids Event Celebrates Bahamas Launch of “Shark Stanley. The Bahamas Weekly, 2015. 

shark stanley in the blogosphere & partner initiatives 

PHOTOS: Shark Stanley at the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, 2013

Shark Stanley and Save Philippine Seas. SPS, 2013-2016. 

Shark Stanley and The Hong Kong Shark Foundation. HKSF, 2015.

VIDEO: Shark Stanley Presentations. TIDE, Belize, 2013. 

VIDEO: Shark Stanley and Manta Reina meet the ecotour guides of Busuanga. C3 Philippines, 2014. 

ASC Partners with Shark Stanley. American Shark Conservancy, 2016. 

VIDEO: Shark Stanley. Earthrace Conservation, 2013. 

The Evolution of Shark Stanley. Don Questo Diving, Sudan, 2013.